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New automatic chicken coop door review from Maynard Family Homestead!

New automatic chicken coop door review from Maynard Family Homestead!

  Justin is the YouTube channel owner of Maynard Family Homestead, he and his family built a amazing chicken coop eight months ago, and painted it so well!   In this video, you can see: What's in t...

Adding new chickens to your old flock

Things to know when adding new chicken to your old flock

 You might need to expand your flock of chickens for several reasons. You think they can get along well soon, or your docile adult chickens will take care of them for you. You are wrong! Please rem...

wooden chicken coop with windows in backyard

That's why you need an automatic chicken coop door

There is a few difficult things as being a chicken keeper, like wake up and open the chicken coop door in the very early morning, and close it at night when all chickens are in the coop.

chickens are free ranging outdoor in the winter morning

Five chicken raising mistakes newbies should avoid

When we talk about chickens, we know they are very easy to care for with little upkeep costs; they can give you a steady supply of fresh eggs and make great garden helpers. Most importantly, they h...

pin shavings as chicken coop bedding and nesting box option

The best chicken coop and nesting box bedding options

Each type of bedding has advantages and disadvantages for your consideration, and you can make a decision based on the needs of your flock. Whatever chicken bedding you choose, your flock's health ...

all common chicken breeds

Top 4 chicken breeds perfect for beginners

With the coronavirus lockdown, more and more individuals are looking for other pastimes, such as chicken keeping. I know many novice chicken owners are overwhelmed by how to start raising chicken a...