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egg freshness float test

Your chicken ladies are producing eggs on a daily basis, so you may end up with a large surplus that is building up. Eventually, you start to lose track of the age of the eggs and eat some bad ones rather than fresh ones. That speaks to why we need to find ways to keep track of how old the egg is! Here is the easy test named the "egg float test," which goes a long way!

The egg float test is a quick and easy way to tell how fresh an egg is. First place an egg in a bowl of water. Congratulations when an egg is submerged in cold water and lies flat on its side! it indicates that the egg is fresh;

However, if it stands upright, it indicates that the egg is relatively old; Then you’d better use it as soon as possible.

And if it floats, it should be thrown away. You can double-check for sure, crack it open, and do the sniff test.


How to judge the freshness of eggs? floating egg test
This float test is based on the fact that young eggs have a small air pocket inside that grows larger as they mature. The air pocket expands, increasing the egg's buoyancy and making it float. Older eggs will therefore float while younger eggs will sink.
It is advised to use the egg float test before cooking to ensure that they are safe for consumption. It is a quick and inexpensive way to determine whether an egg is fresh. Additionally, it's crucial to remember that an egg floating may not necessarily be bad; it may simply indicate that the egg is older than usual.

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