Why did we design and build this auto door?

We design the automatic chicken coop door for several reasons.

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Daily open and close automatically

As a chicken keeper, you must open the chicken coop door early in the morning. Because you care about your flock, you want them to walk and run outside after staying all night in their coop(probably 10 hours). And close the chicken coop door and chicken run door after the sun goes down because you don't want predators to hurt and eat your lovely hens.

Neighbours' help free

Sometimes when you have a pressing task or planning a family vacation, no one will wake up at 5:30 am to open the coop door, maybe they can, but you don't want to bother them.

We love homesteading

Modern homesteading is a self-sufficiency lifestyle in growing your veggies and keeping your livestock. It also means organic, do things by yourself as much as possible. It's significant nowadays, even if you live in urban or subs-urban areas. From seed to harvest, from eggs to chicks to chickens, making a little progress every day.

Let's put down those electronic devices for a while and to feel the real world, the real life.

Some auto doors kill chickens

Crushing and hurting should be avoided in an excellent automatic chicken coop door. So a better protection system is a must. It is one of the reasons why we want a better auto door for chicken keepers like you.
We have a sensitive safety sensor on the right door panel. When the safety sensor senses a relatively slight resistance, it stops closing, reopens fully, and tries to close again.

More color options

It might be the most challenging part when designing the door, seriously. We tried many colors, more than 100 colour options, and finally, we chose Lime green and Dark goldenrod. These two colors look great when sunlight shines on them. Hope you like these two colors as much as we do!

View the Chickcozy Automatic chicken coop door

 We want your feedback

We will continually improve it based on users' needs and opinions!
You are welcome to give us suggestions(Whether you are a Chickcozy Auto door owner or a user of other auto door brands)!