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Chickcozy automatic coop door


Chickcozy automatic chicken coop door has the best safety touching sensor built-in on the right door panel, making it a moving touching sensor that can be triggered earlier and reopened.

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Chick heat plate

Giving Warmth Like a Mom Hen

The chick heating plate provides natural hen-like warmth to days-old chicks, it has three specific heights and multiple tilt angles to adjust as chicks grow, tool-free assembly design.

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Just want to say thank you for the development of this door. There were no other doors on the market at any price that would fit my coop due to height limitations. After much searching I found your door by googling the term “horizontal chicken coop door”. The installation was way easier than I expected, but when it came to programming, I had to have my much younger wife help me, but it’s all set up and working fine.

Eric Rich

About Chickcozy

We love chickens!

We love how chickens live in your garden/backyard, which makes these lovely chickens always happy. Chickcozy aims to provide the top design and premium quality raising chicken tools to help you grow them better and better.

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Chickcozy Automatic Chicken Coop Door: Review (2023)

The Chickcozy automatic chicken coop door is a high-quality and competitively priced option for those looking for a low-maintenance, easy-to-install coop door. Its unique opening design, which slides horizontally like a curtain, sets it apart from other doors on the market. This feature is particularly useful for chicken keepers with smaller coops with limited space around the door opening.

The Chickcozy door is also designed to withstand various weather conditions and has multiple settings for automatic operation, including timer and light sensors.

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thespruce .com

Best Weatherproof Chickcozy Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener with Timer

Looking for something that stands up to inclement weather? The Chickcozy Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener might be your best bet. It's made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), a type of ultra-strong thermoplastic that can get wet for prolonged periods, be exposed to extreme heat, covered in heavy snow, and subjected to below-freezing temps without becoming damaged. It also has impressive tensile strength, which resists cracking, warping, and breaking under maximum stress.

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Best Automatic Chicken Coop Door For Cold Weather

After putting the Chickcozy Automatic Coop Door through its paces over the last winter, I can confidently assert that it’s an investment every chicken keeper should consider, especially those battling those yearly temperature and weather extremes.

It not only ticks the boxes for reliability, resilience, and safety, but also adds convenience and peace of mind to your chicken rearing experience.

From its outstanding cold weather performance to its multiple power modes and quiet operation, every feature has been designed with your needs and your flock’s wellbeing in mind.

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Rosevine Cottage Girls

Is An Automatic Chicken Coop Door Worth It?

Another fabulous feature is you can either plug it into a power supply or power it with AA batteries (this is also great in case of power outages. So if your chicken house doesn’t have power you can still use this product.

It comes fully assembled in an all-in-one design so it’s ready to install as soon as it arrives- and did I mention how easy it is to install? No? It’s a breeze to put in. Simply screw the auto door into the door frame with the screws included in the automatic door kit. Bonus points it’s big enough for my ducks and heritage turkeys can fit through it. Ok, the Border Collies were pretty excited that they could use it too.

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Matt Brechwald

Automatic Chicken Coop Door Review

The product is the “Chickcozy” automatic chicken coop door, and I am giving it five stars!  This product has been in use on my farm for several weeks now, and I have been able to check it every night, in the middle of the night while I’m looking after our goats who are kidding.  Every night it is closed, not one chicken has been locked out of the coop and no predators can get into the coop to kill our chickens.  Then the next morning when I get up, the chickens are out in the run, hunting and pecking.

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Making life easy for us and better for our chickens with an automatic chicken coop door

So, is a chickcozy automatic chicken coop door an investment worthwhile? I guess it all depends on how much you value staying dry and in bed in the morning. For us, it’s a total game-changer because it not only keeps our chicken safe but it gives us more bedtime too. So, we’re immensely grateful to have had the chance to review this product. While Chickcozy is a relatively new company, their product is very reliable and one can tell a lot of effort went into developing it. The simple fact that hay does not stop the door from closing because of the way it’s built but also cannot hurt a chicken who’s in the door (because of the sensor) is fantastic.

Read the full review here.

Introducing the Chickcozy Automatic Chicken Coop Door

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