Brand story - Chickcozy

Bella and James, live in Colorado, a place you can have all four seasons in a single day.


They were slowly starting to live a self-sufficient life on their own, slowly starting in their modest backyard. They planted corn, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, and two lemon trees. In 2021 years, they built a DIY chicken coop and started raising chickens, ducks, and quail, a small number but a large variety, all according to their imagination.

They were about to have their first child, which brought many changes to their lives, and although it was a happy change, it also reduced their rest time at the same time. The most exhausting thing for James was that he still had to get up early to open the chicken coop door, which was painful for him. Over the next few days, James was looking for a solution to take himself out of this pain when he noticed the automatic door, which was good news, and he was more than happy to win the lottery. He took a closer look at some auto chicken door brands, everything seemed to fit his needs, but the way the door opened and the size of the door itself dissuaded him. His DIY coop is relatively tiny; when this coop door opened could not open completely. He did not want to spend time remodelling the coop, so he gave up.

After a few months, James was no longer as tired as before and had more time to care for the backyard animals and plants. The idea of the automatic door came back to his mind, and he remembered why he did not buy the reason at that time. The product is excellent, but there are specific requirements for the chicken coop size, so why not design their own automatic door that occupies the smallest area? Once this decision was made, James got busy.

Since it is necessary to use the minimum space, it would be ideal for an opening like an elevator door; James knows how to draw on the advantages of other items; he's always been good at borrowing from other things. So like the anti-pinch function, a safety sensor was added to this product. Soon James made the initial chicken coop door model through 3D printing, and an automatic chicken coop door with a light sensor, timer, and safety sensor came out. 

James is very pleased with how the automatic chicken coop door is working. It's withstood everything James has thrown at it, including rain, snow, and low temperatures. James is confident that this door will make life much easier for both the chickens and James.

We are inspired by this story, so we designed the auto door according to the story. That is how Chickcozy's automatic chicken coop door was created.