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With the coronavirus lockdown, more and more individuals are looking for other pastimes, such as chicken keeping. I know many novice chicken owners are overwhelmed by how to start raising chicken and choose the right breed for themselves. No worries, this blog will help you review the four best chicken breeds for first-time owners today!

First and foremost, consider why you want to rear chickens? For egg production, pet companion, or meat? Indeed, some chicken breeds can help achieve dual purposes! Besides, please consider how much space you have to build a chicken coop for them. Weather plays a significant role as well when choosing the chicken breed. Some can thrive in cold weather but perform worse in scorching places and vice versa. It would help if you ascertained whether they could handle the climate in your area.


With all the information presented here, now you can be more clear about how to pick the best breeds for yourself. And let’s get the ball rolling!


 Rhode Island Reds



Rhode Island Reds is almost the most famous chicken breed in the world due to its exceptional ability to lay 250 and more brown eggs a year! They are a fantastic dual-purpose breed. If you are interested in learning more about their temperament, I must add that they make great pets because they are naturally friendly and docile. Additionally, They are entirely tolerant of both cold and heat.





Australorp, the national bird of Australia, is a superb layer with an average of 300 medium-sized brown eggs per year. Just like Rhode Island Reds, they can be raised for eggs and meat. Australorps are an excellent choice for families with young children, despite their initial shyness, and they need time to become more accustomed to their owners. They also have a docile temperament, making them great pets for chicken beginners! Additionally, they work well in cold climates but struggle in the summer heat.





Are you trying to choose the ideal breed as a pet? Fortunately, Silkie is a fantastic option here! They make excellent pets for poultry keepers since they are calm, amiable, and enjoy cuddling. They want enormous fame as a result of their fluffy and decorative appearance. The only downside lies in the pale egg production, which makes them better suited as pets than laying machines. They can endure cold weather reasonably well.


Plymouth Rocks



Plymouth Rock, the well-known American breed of chicken, is regarded as a superb egg producer and broiler. They can produce around 250 brown eggs annually, even during the winter. In other words, they are adaptable to cold weather. Plymouth Rock is a fabulous lap chicken with a gentle disposition, so you can pet them as much as you like without worrying that they’ll go wild and run away! Any weather suits them as well.


Now you must be well-informed and able to select your preferred breed quickly. However, no matter which breeds you ultimately end up with, you must ensure they have access to a spacious enough chicken coop and plenty of food and water. I hope you can acquire your preferred ones!


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