A Better Heating Source for Chicken Coop

Chickcozy Chicken Coop Heater

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Chicken Coop Heater

A Better Heating Source for Chicken Coop.

Keep Your Flocks Safe, Keep Your Property Safe

Unlike heat lamps, which can be a ​fire hazard if they come into contact with flammable materials or if a chicken flies up into it, coop heaters have built-in safety features that reduce the risk of fire. They are designed to turn off automatically if tilted past a certain degree, ensuring the safety of your chickens and your property.

Comfort and Well-being of Chickens

Coop heaters provide radiant heat, which mimics the natural warmth of the sun. This type of heat is beneficial for chickens as it warms their bodies directly, making them feel comfortable. It also helps prevent frostbite, as the surface temperature of coop heaters is kept at a comfortable and safe level for chickens to touch.

Install near roosting bar

Radiant Heat

Chickcozy Chicken Coop Heater

The first automatic chicken door that opens from the center to the sides.

specification of

Chicken Coop Heater

Model No:JY005A-BK


Chickcozy Chicken Coop Heater version 2.0

Adjustable temperature range

122 F - 191 F

Heater Plate Size

15.8'' * 12.6‘’

Remote control effective distance

32 ft

Anti-dump function display



2 years warranty