Chickcozy brooder heating plate

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Are you finding a solution for raising days-old baby chicks? You are in the right place, Chickcozy brooder heating plate provides hens-like warmth stably.
  • Three Specific Heights. As your chicks grow, you can adjust the height of the heater panel by choosing the next adjustment holes.
  • Multiple tilt angles. Utilize the tilt option, so the front of the heater is taller and leans toward the back. The baby chicks will stay toward the front or back, depending on the level of warmth desired.
  • Provides natural hen-like warmth to chicks.
  • Hidden indicator lights avoid disturbing the chick's routine.
  • The power cord has a switch, which is more convenient and safe.
  • Tool-free assembly.
  • Easy to adjust tilt angle or height.
  • Two-year warranty.


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Brooder heating plate

A safer heating solution for chicks.

Why use a heating plate

  • No fire hazard
  • Energy saving, 25 W only saves up to 90% of the cost of electricity compared to a heat lamp.
  • Hidden indicator avoid disturbing the chick's routine. Natural mom hens-like warmth
  • provides natural hen-like warmth to chicks- Provide 101.3°F stably.
  • Multiple tilt angles chicks can easily asset to the top to sleep and play.
  • Tool-free assembly