Five chicken raising mistakes newbies should avoid

chickens are free ranging outdoor in the winter morning


When we talk about chickens, we know they are very easy to care for with little upkeep costs; they can give you a steady supply of fresh eggs and make great garden helpers. Most importantly, they have the potential to be nature's best antidepressants. However, because many people are new to rearing chickens, they are prone to making frequent mistakes that might result in chicken death. Check out the list below to see what you can do right away.

 Ignore climate research



We always focus solely on the appearance of the chicken or a specific breed, which is what we get. Climate research is always out of our consideration. It would be ideal if you could take some time to conduct an extensive study before purchasing the chicken. Then you can prevent obtaining hot-weather chickens in a cold place, which can halt egg production.




 Wrong coop size



We will discover the problem when our chicks mature into large chickens or when they take an unusually short time to enlarge the flock. Then your original coop will become congested. Restricted freedom in the cell might result in chicken injuries and lower egg production. Inside the chicken coop, a fair rule of thumb is three to five square feet per chicken.

 Forget to replenish the grit


Poultry grit can aid in the digestion of chicken feed. Because chickens lack teeth, grit is used to process their food. It has the ability to break down chicken food. As a result, having adequate grit accessible for your chickens to eat is critical.


 Dirty nesting box




Hens prefer to lay eggs in a stress-free setting, so a clean, safe, and peaceful spot are necessary. If the nesting box is unclean or in an unpleasant location, hens may poop on the eggs that they just laid and even eat them if the eggs are cracked. So you should collect eggs on a daily basis as well.


Insecure chicken coop



Keep in mind that predators might be found both on land and in the air. Raccoons, for example, can readily open the latches and run into the coop. That is why you should always be prepared to protect your flock from invaders by any means necessary. Solid wire mesh or hardware cloth can be used to cover your coop. To ensure their protection, install a high-quality chicken coop door.




With that said, you are now more conscious of some chicken-raising mistakes than others. They are simple to avoid; in this case, you will be able to keep your flock healthy and happy. Additionally, you can reap tons of fresh eggs!

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