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That's why you need an automatic chicken coop door

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An automatic chicken coop door is designed to help chicken keepers free their hands, so they don't need to wake up in the early morning, some even wake up at 5 am, every morning. Also, a good automatic chicken coop door opener should make chickens predator-free. In this article, we will list why you should get your chickens a high-quality automatic chicken coop door.

Are you tired of waking up early to let your chickens out?

Wake up in the morning is a wonderful start to a day, but it can suffer too when you haven't gotten enough sleep you still need to leave your bed and open the chicken coop door. As well, you will need to close it at night, which is two steps in your daily routine if you are a chicken keeper. But what if you have an automatic door for your chicken coop?

If you have everything inside your chicken coop, (read about What Should Be Inside a Chicken Coop Today from the Chickenraising101 website), then you can imagine being able to sleep for a few more hours while your chickens happily roam outside. With an automatic chicken coop door, this dream can become a reality. No more rushing to open the coop door in the morning, you can now enjoy a few extra hours of sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

What if you forget to close the coop door in the evening?

We've all been there – you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day and forget to close the chicken coop door before nightfall. This leaves your chickens vulnerable to predators. But with an automatic chicken coop door, you can say goodbye to this worry. The door will automatically close at the set time, ensuring the safety of your feathered friends.
If you forget to open it, your lovely chickens will stay in the coop until you remember, which makes them become unhappy chickens.


Heading out for a vacation?

I LOVE VACATIONS! And I know you love them as much as we do!

We all need a vacation to get some real rest, physical and mental. to say no to stressful work, visit those places you have never been, meet someone new, reach different cultures...and so on.

But planning a vacation can be stressful, especially when you have to find someone to take care of your chickens. But with an automatic chicken coop door, you can enjoy your vacation without any worries. The door will open and close at the scheduled times, providing your chickens with the freedom to roam during the day and the security of a closed coop at night.
Investing in an automatic chicken coop door is not only convenient but also essential for the well-being of your chickens. It saves you time, ensures their safety, and allows you to enjoy your life without constantly worrying about their needs. So why wait? Get an automatic chicken coop door today and experience the freedom and peace of mind it brings.


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