Things to know when adding new chicken to your old flock

Adding new chickens to your old flock

 You might need to expand your flock of chickens for several reasons. You think they can get along well soon, or your docile adult chickens will take care of them for you. You are wrong! Please remember that an inappropriate introduction will lead to disastrous effects, such as bloody or dead chicken in your coop. Before introducing new chickens, you should be informed of the following.

  1. Add at least two new members

Add at least two new members when adding new chickens

Introducing only one new chicken is not ideal since it will become your flock's target and be attacked and bullied by others. Besides, chickens are somewhat social creatures. Therefore, you would be better always add at least two new members at a time.

2. Check new chickens for illness


Check new chickens for illness before adding new chickens

Some new hens may suffer respiratory problems, scaly leg mites, and lice. This can spread quickly to your current flock and do significant harm. We advise quarantining your new members in a separate area for 30 days.


3. Meet each other but not touch


Make sure you there is enough space inside the coop

A gradual introduction is pretty necessary for both new and old chickens. Putting new girls in a separate pen or pet carrier inside the run will allow your existing flock to get acquainted with them without vicious attacks or pecking gradually.


4. Enough space inside the coop



Make sure your existing coop is big enough to accommodate all of your chickens before adding any newcomer. At least 3 square feet per chicken inside the coop can help avoid pecking and aggressive behavior among your chickens.


5. Some places for new chickens to hide


Some places for new chickens to hide


Remember, once they can free range in the run together, new chickens can quickly be chased by others. So it’s essential to note that having some safe areas, like branches, is crucial so they can timely get away from the old ones. This can lessen the intensity of the fighting.




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