Several main chicken predators you must know!

Raccoon is one of the mainly chicken predator

Imagine finding out one morning that your lovely hens were the victims of a horrendous bloodbath that occurred in just one night! Sounds awful, right? However, it does happen to some poultry owners and causes significant harm. Therefore, it's essential to understand what can endanger your flock so you can take some measures to cope with them. You will see a list of chicken predators as follows. 




 Believe it or not, raccoons are regarded as the worst predators of chickens. They can rummage around the coop, enter the coop through some holes, or quickly open the latches. Once they enter the chicken coop, they will mercilessly kill as many hens as possible.



Birds of Prey

hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls



Predators are everywhere; thus, threats might also arise from the skies. With their keen eyes, birds of prey like hawks may see your girls from a distance of two miles. They will swoop down and attack chickens when your girls are free-ranging in the chicken run.





Dogs are unquestionably our best friends, but they may also be a chicken's worst nightmare. Dogs are apex predators and carnivorous animals. Whether they are domestic or stray, they all enjoy eating chickens. Therefore, keep a close eye on your dogs.








Coyotes are one of the most common chicken predators, you can see them everywhere, and they are highly sneaky and intelligent. They'll linger near your chicken coop day and night, waiting for the right moment to attack the hens.







Weasels are infamous for killing chickens. They might even be able to enter your chicken coop through a little crack and harm your chicks. They murder chickens for entertainment as much as for sustenance.







Snakes love to consume both chicks and whole eggs. They are pretty difficult to notice, but once they get into your coop, they could cause severe damage to your chicks.







These sneaky little creatures tend to wait for the opportunity to present themselves. They are cautious and cunning; they usually attack chickens in the late evening and early morning.




It would help if you covered the windows of the chicken coop with solid wire mesh or hardware cloth to protect your chickens from these predators. An automatic chicken coop door is crucial for keeping out predators. The Chickcozy chicken coop door is ideal for protecting your chickens inside the coop. Additionally, enclose your chicken run with wire mesh. Check your chicken coop frequently for cracks and holes, and quickly patch them with hardware cloth. Installing motion-activated floodlights can also be effective in some cases and deter some predators.




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