Chickcozy chicken coop heater

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Automatic power-off feature Anti-tilting Design: The chicken coop heater has a built-in anti-tipping design. This feature is part of the factory default setting. The product will stop working, thus preventing a fire if the panel tips over or tilts to a 180° angle. If you don't need this function, You can turn off this feature through the settings.

Two Ways to Use:

1. Standing: To use the free-standing feature, push the included removable feet into the slot at the bottom of the heater.

2. Wall Mounted: There are mounting holes on the back of the heater. The heater can be hung on the wall with suitable hooks, nails, or the included screws.

UL Test Standards & FCC Certification: Our heater has UL certification and FCC certification, suitable for chicken coops, and can be used as an indoor home heating source. Thermostatically Control, Safe for Chicken Coops: Chickcozy coop radiant heater replaces the dangerous 200-watt heating lamp. It's safe and portable.

The thermostatically controlled LED of this heater reduces the risk of frostbite during cold weather. The coop heater protects chickens from frostbite but does not overheat them. The surface temperature is kept at a comfortable temperature that is safe to touch.

Package Includes:Chicken coop heater * 1, Remote control * 1, Feet for standing free * 2, M5* 20mm Screw *2, Manual *1. You can control the heating plate through the buttons on the panel, or through the remote control. The heater is usually used in a chicken coop during cold weather. There is no significant difference between inside and outside temperatures.